• Programmed in: March 2009
  • Resolution: Universal
  • Requeriements: MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1, JSR-184, jar size limit up to 450kb
  • Touchscreen support: YES

Screenshots and Videos

Fony3D Seasons

Fony3D Seasons - Gameplay trailer

Fony 3D

   J2ME game Fony3D is an action-arcade, where you have to guide Fony through all levels in all game environments. Your goal is to collect all points in the level and avoid monsters while doing so. If you run into a monster, you'll loose 1 life. At start, you have 3 lives, but you can gain an extra life after every 2500 points you collect.

   Fony is made completely in 3D. You can even jump in this game, so it's not only simple old platform game. You can also choose from many different camera angles or look around and see, where are your remaining points and where are monsteres, if you are being followed by some evil apple, if is your way blocked by some dangerous snowman or what's the best way to avoid that horrifying banana in front of you.

   There are 4 versions of Fony3D. Elements, Fruities, Seasons and Space. All share the same principle, but each one is unique. Every version has its own bonuses, environments and unique levels.

   So, are you ready? Are you ready to go with Fony on his next adventure?