• Programmed in: March 2008
  • Resolution: Universal
  • Requeriements: MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1

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Snake 360° modes

Multiplayer | Classical mode | Double Trouble
Snake 360° menu

   Animated | Static menu
Snake 360° details
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Snake 360°

   Snake 360° is a java game based on old good snake. You are not limitted by only 4 directions, you can move freely wherever you want and in whatever direction you want, so you can get faster to the "food". You can also see here where will the next "food" appear, which is really importrant when you're playing against another player.

   As well as in java game Pong 360°, you can choose from 3 different game modes. 2 modes for singleplayer and a multiplayer game. In game for one player you must collect at full fart food you can. You can play Classical game or a Double Trouble, where you must control two snakes at the same time. But don't worry, they are moving symmetrically. But each one of them lives his own life - that means, that when one of them eat a piece of food, he will grow up, but the second one will not. So you must monitor both snakes and be aware about crashing into the second snake. As well as in Pong 360° is here a Multiplayer,which is probably the most amusing mode of this java game. As in singleplayer, you must collect a food to get points, but you should be also trying to make the opponent crash into your snake. And of course, when you eat more food than your opponent, you'll be longer and have better chance to block the opponent.

   For slower devices is in menu of this java game possibility to choose lower level of graphics details and controls are fully adjustable so you shouldn't have any problems with playing this game in 2 players on 1 device.