My JSR-184 projects

Logix 3D

3D Snake

3D Snake - My first (never finished) 3D game
3D Packman

3D Packman - Game from my tutorials
Revolt - I just tried if I could make a 3D racing game in J2ME... (I probably could :-))


   JSR-184 is a new Java standard intended to provide an API to produce interactive 3D graphics for use on mobile devices. It is designed to be scalable and to have a small footprint--to not use too much memory or processing resources. Applications of the new standard could include java games, animated messages, screen savers, custom user interfaces, or interactive product visualization.

   The standard is targeted at mobile devices such as mobile handsets, which typically do not have much memory or processing power, and no hardware support for 3D graphics or floating point math. However, the JCP designed the standard to be highly scalable, up to powerful desktop machines, to ensure that programs will run on a wide variety of devices.

   The target platform is the J2ME Java environment. The JSR-184 API is designed to be an optional package that is used in conjunction with J2ME.

   The standard was developed in the Java Community Process (JCP), an open international organization of Java developers and licensees with the purpose of developing and revising Java specifications, reference implementations, and compatibility kits.

   The specification work is being led by Jyri Huopaniemi of Nokia Corporation. As of the end of October 2003, the standard is in Final Release. This means that the standard has completed both Java community and public review, and is final. A standard is not considered a final release, until its Reference Implementation and Technology Compatibility Kit are completed. JSR-184 has completed both.